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WordPress Services WordPress was conceived over 10 years ago as a simple blogging platform. However, over the years, WordPress has enjoyed tremendous growth and development and is currently the most flexible, common and easy to use web content management system. has been working with the WordPress platform since 2006 and have witnessed its explosive growth over the years.

Who is this for?

The WordPress platform offers WordPress offers great flexibility and can be used for a wide array of websites. Our WordPress website offering can benefit a wide range of businesses and organizations:

  • Ecommerce & Online Shopping Sites
  • Authors, Artists, Photographers or performers
  • Agencies: Financial, Recruitment, Real Estate
  • News Portals, Membership & Subscription based websites
  • Intranet Websites

What we offer:

We provide an end-to-end service that delivers a fully working, highly optimized WordPress website, complete with a fully customized theme, all of your content pages, plugins and configuration of all the necessary settings. We will install and configure your WordPress site, customize or develop a theme suitable for your company and setup the required functionality according to your needs. We can also create modules, plugins and components that your business needs in order to evolve and move forward on the market. In a nutshell, the complete WordPress website offering includes:

  • WordPress Setup & Configuration
  • Custom WordPress Theme Design
  • Setup 3rd Party Plugins
  • Backup Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Friendliess
  • Addition of all content
  • Security & Protection of data
  • Speed & Performance
  • Custom development

WordPress Complete WordPress Website Services

We take a holistic approach with setting up your site. This means taking into account the design, speed, functionality, search engine friendliness, usability and security. We fine tune your site to make sure that your clients have a swift, stellar experience. Security is also a main concern, and this is why our complete WordPress development service also includes a professional backup strategy as well as enhanced security to keep your website data safe and secure.

The WordPress websites that we create or customize can also be optimized or integrated with social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) as this will help you enrich your audience and obtain much better results. At the same time, with us you will also be able to get and format your website’s content, and we can even help you find stock images. Lastly, we optimize your website for SEO and make it mobile friendly, a major necessity in today’s growing mobile web usage.

Our Experience:

Satisfaction Guarantee We are experienced web artisans that have completed hundreds of websites and projects all over the globe. Our work speaks for itself and it comes with high recommendations from all of our clients. Not only that, but we are an established development and web design consultancy that always brings new, insightful and record breaking ideas for all clients. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality, professional, reliable and complete WordPress solution for your business so you can be guaranteed peace of mind.


Every project has its own requirements and budgetary constraints, therefore we work closely with our clients to establish the requirements and scope of work that can be executated for a given project. Your website may not require a custom WordPress theme or custom plugin development and therefore may cost less than one that does requires a custom features.

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