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Durban South Africa was founded in November of 2004 by Zahir Mirza, an Engineer with a strong background in design. Although originally just freelance development doing basic web development, we have evolved into so much more, and are now one of the most established web design and consultancy businesses in South Africa. That is not to say that our reach has not spanned the globe, we have worked with many happily satisfied clients from across the world, delivering high quality and professional websites for individuals and business of all sizes. We have designed and developed many high quality websites that can testify to our skill and dedication to provide the most professional and best possible online presence that your company needs. is a small yet impactful web design and development studio based in Durban, South Africa. With over 10 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of service that allows businesses of every shape and size to get the best type of web design services they need – always doing so at affordable prices.

The ins and outs of web design can be a nightmare for any business that has no experience, yet needs a high quality website for their business. is one of the foremost web design and development consultancies based in Durban, South Africa, and we are here to help ease those worries about getting a highly professional website.

We offer some of the best Joomla & WordPress CMS integration services that allow your business to get exactly the type of website that you need, ensuring that your online presence is not only professional looking, but very memorable too.

With over a decade of deep industry experience and insights, we know exactly the type of skills and work that are required to deliver the highest possible standard for all of our clients. In the ten years that have passed since we began, the web is ever evolving. From better technology to more user friendly software, we have moved along with these changes, and they have helped us grow and evolve too. We have refined out processes to be the most efficient possible, allowing us to improve all our offerings as a web design and constancy business. With our years of experience, we have learned to use some of the best industry standard tools for content management systems. This started out initially as Mambo, but has now grown to include Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and other systems. Not only that, but we have continued to expand our product offerings, with bespoke web applications and custom software development. prides itself on offering the highest possible quality of services for web design. Simply put, we make it our number one goal to provide you with the online presence you have been dreaming of. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, as we will work to give our clients exactly what they are looking for, and better still, at more than affordable rates – it is why we have lasted over ten years and plan on being here for many more!

Handcrafted with passion in Durban, South Africa